Playing with docker and homeassistant + z-wave stuff on the raspberry 2 is pretty slow with the sd card as main storage. And it will burn through the flash write cycles in no time.

Solution: old 60GB SSD drive + externel USB case.

This requires some USB2 hub with external power supply (at least 2A). Or an external USB case with power supply.

To copy the data there is a nice guide and the Adafruit-Pi-ExternalRoot-helper from adafruit.

Warning: The script modifies /boot/cmdline.txt and /etc/fstab. If something goes wrong you can edit the files and revert to old boot drive settings.

Warning2: The script will delete target drive data !!!

Look for the drive. Should be /dev/sda


Run helper script (perhaps stop docker before):

git clone
cd Adafruit-Pi-ExternalRoot-Helper
sudo ./adafruit-pi-externalroot-helper -d /dev/sda

# wait

# check new boot partition config
cat /etc/fstab 
cat /boot/cmdline.txt

sudo reboot

Killing points of failure. One at a time…

Today: my custom-build year-old pfsense router. Pfsense is great, but it is running on some old cheap hardware that could fail every day. The energy consumption of 15-20W could also be lower.

good old pfsense box

Solution: Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite. Great stuff for less than 100€. They claim carrier class 999% uptime ;) And it is vyatta based (debian open firmware).

Warning: the router really requires network knowledge and using the CLI for more advanced stuff.

However, there is a wizard to set up PPPoe connections. This is especially helpful with my VDSL connection that requires the VLAN 7 to be set (Deutsche Telekom VDSL). So basic internet routing is working in a few minutes.

I replaced the default user and set up the networks (I have separate VLANs for cameras, iot devices, guests) using the GUI.

For other things CLI works better. There is a config mode (as known from other expensive router vendors):

ssh user@ip
# example: Add a static DHCP mapping
show service dhcp-server shared-network-name LAN
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name LAN subnet static-mapping print1 ip-address
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name LAN subnet static-mapping print1 mac-address b8:27:eb:4c:XX:XX

# saving config
commit; save

Love it. Good for documentation. And you can always backup and restore config using the GUI (System section).

Next: add some basic firewalling for the nasty iot devices/cameras + openvpn…



Switching to HPSTR jekyll theme here. Love it! launch

Today I launched – website health checking and failover trigger for CloudFlare API

Check it out!
diving photo bundle 1-3

A small photo collection from my latest diving trips. Free (PWYW) & CC0.

Available on site.