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failover.cc launch

Today I launched failover.cc – website health checking and failover trigger for CloudFlare API

Check it out!
diving photo bundle 1-3

A small photo collection from my latest diving trips. Free (PWYW) & CC0.

Available on fotostack.io site.


A small project evolving from my 3 photo displays at home.

Called fotostack.io. Still in development - open to the public later this year.

This is a project started a few years ago because I hate those off the shelf photo displays (sd card, wifi based) with horrible shuffle mode.

Raspberry Pi + some old 15” displays came to the rescue. They’ve been running linux tools like qiv and custom scripts for some years now.

Fotostack.io is the next step with a web based playlist and display sync.


3lapse.com and webcamtool.org merged to form webcam.io: a webcam time-lapse service with tools like text overlays, timestamps, monitoring. More to come.

Webcam images are fetched from URL or can be pushed via FTP (IP cameras, shell script).

Throwing away a lot of old nonsense posts. Leaving over the turtle posts :)

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