This is a simple backup script I use with macOs to store files on old external drives every few weeks.

Drives are 2TB 3,5” mostly and a bunch of newer 2,5” for offsite storage. To be safe with the old drives, I usually save to multiple disks and store them in separate locations.

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After reading Review: Ubiquiti UniFi made me realize how terrible consumer Wi-Fi gear is, I replaced my wlan access points with two UAP-AC-LITE (~80 EUR each).

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Playing with docker and homeassistant + z-wave stuff on the raspberry 2 is pretty slow with the sd card as main storage. And it will burn through the flash write cycles in no time.

Solution: old 60GB SSD drive + externel USB case.

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Killing points of failure. One at a time…

Today: my custom-build year-old pfsense router. Pfsense is great, but it is running on some old cheap hardware that could fail every day. The energy consumption of 15-20W could also be lower.

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Today I launched – website health checking and failover trigger for CloudFlare API

Check it out!